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Animals gradually appeared in my compositions, mainly for the symbolism given to them. A rabbit here, a lamb there, a cat...

Quite naturally, inspired by mythology I began to consider hybridizations.

The first work, Bûcentauresse Normande, was born during the first period of confinement, during which I isolated myself in the Normandy countryside. And what do we find in the countryside? Cows obviously! One evening, after seeing a film featuring centaurs, I wondered what the local version would be. Some research allowed me to see that animal hybrids in the history of art (like the majority of active characters) were male. Who would imagine the minotaur grazing daisies in a field? So I undertook the creation of my own Normandy hybrid cow, with red hair for a punkette look.

Viviane was born from a need for calm, solitude, in the heart of winter. I had decided to create a new work in the bluish, nocturnal ranges. The idea of metamorphosis into a deer interested me (Cf Actéon) without however having in mind an idea of rereading this myth. Here again, antlers are male attributes, which testify to strength, power and reproductive capacity. They are also trophies and the deer, although king of the forests, is a hunted animal. So I placed antlers on the skull of Viviane, both bewitching witch and prey, looking over her shoulder with a mocking air while letting her blood-colored drape fall...

The woman with several breasts is the synthesis of several sketches around the figure of Artemis, hunting goddess. She embodies the wild woman, the absolute mother, while being torn by her condition as a woman and the way society generally views the female breast. ​

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