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Aurore Levasseur 


Aurore Levasseur’s painting is part of a European pictorial heritage, that of Baroque art. The shapes that appear on the canvas are not the result of drawing work but of work with light, colors and material, reminiscent of the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens. The subjects represented, figurative, are most often naked women, very fleshy and with white skin. The folds and folds of the figured flesh create a sensation of overflow but also evoke the fluidity of the organic substances and fabrics represented, calling for a contamination of the space. Because this flesh which flourishes on the constrained surface of the canvas ends up overflowing. It will then flow into the exhibition space through the insertion on the floor, walls or bases of colors borrowed from the painting.

If painting is the artist's preferred medium, she also produces sculptures which bear witness to this questioning of the shapes and materials of the flesh, as well as the relationship between bodies. The human body becomes flesh by feeding on other flesh: plant body, animal body; it is therefore also an echo of the life and form of these ingested foods. These works are thus not only anchored in a history of art, they reflect contemporary relationships with the body, with food, with consumption, and more broadly with the place of the flesh and the organic in a society of more and more computerized.

Camille Prunet, 2016​

In her painting, Aurore Levasseur thwarts the lack of representation of the body of curvy women in today's world by transposing it into timeless figurative compositions.
It's not about fetishizing a body type but rather about looking at it in a more glorious way. A look of tenderness, love, sensuality and confidence but also of tension, suffering and strength, all qualifiers which usually relate to heroes.
And what better way to talk about heroes than myths and tales?
The history of art is rich in inspiring scenes, haloed demiurges, praised martyrs, goddesses and muses. But in our time, humans have lost their magic, the body of curvy women is stigmatized and femininity codified.
In the long-term project "Mythologies of the female body", the first part of which was held at the Untitled Factory gallery in Paris in May 2019, the selection aimed to bring to the surface what is beautiful, of strength and sacredness in the feminine and in its flesh. It is on this theme that Aurore Levasseur continues her creation, integrating figures from popular tales as well as mythological scenes, each time offering several visions of femininity.

Note of intent for Mythologies of the female body

Aurore Levasseur​


Aurore Levasseur
Siret: 75345146700033

MDA: LD65506



“CCL Bihorel Spring Salon”, Grange de la Petite Madeleine, Bihorel, France. **GUEST OF HONOR**



“Exhibition of artist teachers of CCL Bihorel”, Grange de la Petite Madeleine, Bihorel, France

“Exhibition of the plastic arts association of Grand Quevilly and its region”, Théatre Charles Dulin, Le Grand-Quevilly, France

“17th Edition of the Aubette meetings”, Saint Léger du Bourg Denis, France

Personal exhibition, “Mythologies of the Feminine Body”, Untitled Factory, Paris, France

“Aurore Levasseur and Jonathan Gérard”, Art or Ardeur, Rouen, France

“81st Salon of Norman Independent Artists”, Halle aux toiles, Rouen, France


Personal exhibition, gallery 75, Rouen, France

“17th Salon de Moulineaux”, Moulineaux, France.

“Le Grand Nu”, Untitled Factory, Paris, France ** COMPETITION WINNER **
Permanent work, Brasserie du Bac, Caudebec-en-Caux, France.
“Carpaccio”, ESADHàR, Rouen, France
“18th Biennale of Contemporary Art”, Servaville-Salmonville, France.
“Muses”, G3 Architectes, Rouen, France
“14th biennial of painting and sculpture of Amfreville-la-Mivoie”, Amfreville-la-Mivoie, France.
“80th Salon of Norman Independent Artists”, Halle aux toiles, Rouen, France ** YOUNG HOPE PRIZE **

“Trait d’Union”, Louviers Museum, Louviers, France
“Salon de Rouen”, Society of Norman Artists, Hôtel du Département, Rouen, France.
“Jeanne”, Rouen Town Hall, Rouen, France.
“Salon de Maromme”, Espace Culturel Beaumarchais, Maromme, France.
“Les Demoiselles d’Avignon Revisited”, Chapelle du Carmel, Bois-Guillaume, France.

“November in Vitry”, Galerie Municipale Jean Collet, Vitry-sur-Seine, France.
“Salon de Rouen”, Société des Artistes Normands, Hôtel du Département, Rouen, France.** PRICE OF THE SALON **,
“Take care of us”, exhibition by DNSEP graduates of ESADHàR, Rouen School of Architecture, Darnétal, France.
“Refurbished”, exhibition in 3 parts, Normandy Impressionist, Maromme, Bonsecours and Rouen, France
“The Garden of Portraits”, Normandy Impressionist, Orangerie du Jardin des Plantes, Rouen, France.
“Au Revoir”, Grandes Galeries de l’ESADHàR, Aître Saint-Maclou, Rouen, France.
“Bloc 314”, Maronniers-Tilleuls pavilions, CHR du Rouvray, Saint-Etienne du Rouvray, France.
“17th Biennale of Contemporary Art”, Servaville-Salmonville, France.
“Scribbles and fragments”, PlotHR, Rouen, France.

2012 – 2015:
Salon de Rouen, Hôtel du Département, France.
Rouen National Arts Biennale, Rouen, France.
Showroom of the tailor Deguernay, Rouen, France.
Sennalia-Armada competition, Rouen, France.
“Object of thought”, Galerie martainville, ESADHaR, Rouen, France.


DNSEP (Higher National Diploma in Plastic Expression) - ESADHaR Rouen - 2016
ERASMUS - 6 months - Accademia Di Belle Arti di Palermo - 2015
DNAP (National Diploma in Plastic Arts) - ESADHaR Rouen - 2014
TOEIC (920 points) - One-year English course - Wall Street Institute - 2009-2010
1st year LEA English-Spanish license (validated) - University of Rouen - 2006-2007
1st year License LLCE English (level) - University of Rouen - 2005-2006
Baccalaureate series L - Plastic Arts specialty - Lycée Claude Monet Le Havre - 2002-2005


Adult painting teacher, Carrefour Culture Loisirs, Bihorel. Since 2016
Weekly technique and pictorial creation classes for adults and adolescents.

Assistant gallery owner, Galerie Duchoze, 2015 – 2016
Welcoming visitors, presentation of the exhibited works and the artist, assistance with setting up and dismantling of exhibitions, creation of communication materials.

Speaker in schools as part of plastic arts workshops for children 2014
Initiation, creation of collective projects, technical courses. School of Caudebec-en-Caux

Painting teacher on request, private or in groups. 2014-2015
Courses for children and adults around the theme “renaissance portraits” as part of “The company at work” Autonomous port of Rouen.

Apprentice with a bookbinder (art bookbinding) Anne Lemeteil 2014
Creation of a soft leather bound book and a suede flap portfolio.

Assistant for setting up an exhibition, ESADHaR 2012
Assist two video artists in the design of their exhibition, assembly of sets, scenography, communication.​


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