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The Atlas, Icare and Chronos series was born in the fall of 2020, at the dawn of a period of personal transformations. It is based on more refined work and exclusively focused on the body, the flesh, research into color ranges. Each painting also illustrates the question of the double, of the self. Originally designed to be read/shown as a trinity, this series can also be read as three tarot cards.

Atlas was the first, she lays the foundation, the Titan which carries the world, the world which crushes the Titan. The world here is a duplication. The woman carries herself and draws on her past to get back on her feet. The opposition between the two figures brings a feeling of ambivalence. Where some will see the suffering of effort, others will see hope.

Icarus was the second, the flight, the hope and the passion that makes people make bold decisions. An upward momentum and hands, those of the father, of the lover, of the jailer, of oneself who tries to hold back the flight but does not succeed. In this series, it is the only one integrating an external element, cardboard wings, designed for the occasion, and very fragile.

Chronos was the last, it was not delivered easily and closed the series. In the first idea, I was looking for a vertical posture between kissing and devouring. A way of absorbing yourself, of becoming one with yourself, I love you I eat you, I love myself I eat myself?

Only great violence came out of the trials. I ended up turning the canvas over to transform it into a kiss, a few words whispered in my ear, two identical bodies floating in a slightly stirring current. Tenderness is important. This last canvas can be presented both horizontally and vertically.​

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