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Painter, graduate of ESADHaR, a superior school of art and design in Rouen, France, my pictorial research revolves around the question of the representation of the body, particularly female, and draws its inspiration from historical and popular imagery from myths, legends, religions, tales...

I am also a portrait painter and create compositions to order (request a quote by email)​

Latest additions to the gallery

Etude de jeune femme d'après Bouguereau assise sur un muret de pierres avec dans le fond un kiosque et un jardin
A maternity figure chosen essentially for its softness and its captivating drapes to embody a new icon of the #Fromarthistorywithlove series.
Inspired by a work by Bouguereau, I made some changes in its color tones. If you ask the Andalusians, it's a virgin... And when it comes to virginal figures these people know a thing or two about it.
As a nod to my new homeland, I placed this young woman in a setting of ocher lands and pine forests.
#Fromarthistorywithlove is a series that I have been working on for several years and which contrasts a study based on a classic work and the raw palette, the thrilling legacy of its production process.
Jeunes flamencas regardant un smartphone lors d'une fête traditionnelle andalouse
Deux flamencas en pleine contemplation dans une église

To discover! A new composition on the walls of the Brasserie du Bac in Caudebec-en-Caux /Rives-en-Seine.

This is the 3rd work made to order for this establishment. Almost a permanent exhibition and I thank the owners for their renewed confidence.

As you stroll along the quays, don’t hesitate to sit down in this charming brasserie!​


Next exhibition

Past exhibitions

Poster Au dela des regards
Poster L'Art de Rien
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